1992 Talon Tsi AWD Project

Boost Leak Tester

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Damaged Block
Damaged Block #2

1) 2" PVC Pipe Cap
2) JB Weld
3) Tire Valve Stem
4) 2 Silicone Couplers (2"-2") & (2"-3")
5) Drill - 3/8" Drill Bit

First I drilled a hole right in the middle of the 2" PVC cap with a 3/8" bit. It was a perfect snug and probably sealed fit for the valve stem, but I decided to make it leak proof with JB weld.

I placed a good amount of JB weld on the sides of the valve stem as I pushed it through the hole in the cap. I used the rest of the JB on the top portion of the cap.

I purchased two different silicone couplers so that I could mount the tester on different sized pipes. Here are a couple pics below. As I said before, it's not as pretty as the ones on Ebay, but it's functional.