1992 Talon Tsi AWD Project

E85 Global Calculation Info

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E85 Global Calculation Info
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DSMlink Global Settings

1600cc = -57% Global
1250cc = -45% Global
1150cc = -40% Global
1050cc = -34% Global
1000cc = -31% Global
950cc = -27% Global
850cc = -19% Global

Not recommended to go any smaller. BUT if you really wanted to run them on a low airflow level then you would use...

750cc = -8% Global
720cc = -4% Global
650cc = 0% Global
550cc = Are You Serious?
(450/(Injector Flow * .65))-1.0 = E85 Global

So for 1000cc's

450/(1000*.65)-1 = -31%

The equation above assumes that you are using the stock base fuel pressure for your DSM.
1G = 37.5 PSI
2G = 43.5 PSI

Also to note are the seasonal changes that change the ethanol blend % in your area. There are generally three different types of Ethanol blend that are used.

Class 1 Ethanol = E85
Class 2 Ethanol = E78
Class 3 Ethanol = E70

Below is a chart showing what Ethanol blend you will be receiving at your local Ethanol station at any given month.